Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Just recently Eli has made the amazing discovery of his hands. Though he doesn't find them as fascinating as one would think, he does stare at them quite often. He watches them as they open and makes tiny fists or reaches for a toy. He's also discovered how to get them into his mouth - his mother's fear. We don't want a thumb sucker! He's not quite there yet, but he does enjoy nibbling on his fingers and occasionally a thumb, which makes for a constant puddle of drool under his chin. We've also been battling a nasty case of cradle cap, which seems to itch. So far, we're all staying healthy this season, though those around us have been coming down with illnesses. Every day he gets bigger and his hair gets longer. We're still not sure what color those eyes will be - they're still dark blue. We're enjoying watching him grow and learn everyday!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Tonight was the first time we heard little Eli giggle. It was adorable. Too bad just after he let out the laugh, he was struck with a bout of the hiccups. You could hear him trying to laugh through them anyway which was even cuter. He'll be walking before we know it...