Monday, April 27, 2009

23 weeks...

At 23 weeks I may not appear to have the big belly you (or I) thought I would....however, it must look bigger to strangers and people I hardly know. That's right, I'm already getting the random, unsolicited belly rubs, tickles, touches and comments which always seem to catch me off guard. The other day an elderly man asked if I was retiring soon, when I looked confused, he pointed to my belly and smiled. This weekend a woman (mother of three) who stopped on a walking path to let her daughter pet Newton, said "good for you to be out exercising." I've had countless work colleagues and acquaintances pat or rub my belly, but no complete strangers...yet (I've been warned). Good thing I'm a social person (even when it comes to strangers) and I don't really have personal space issues, so the touching doesn't really bother me either. Bring it on....I've got over 3 more months of it :)

23 weeks

Monday, April 20, 2009


Okay, so I finally broke down this weekend and bought maternity pants. Yup, the kind with the big elastic waistband and stretchy thing that covers your entire tummy (no, they are not available in regular sizes, just maternity). Finding pants that I like and that are actually long enough for me has always been a struggle. So, after 4 maternity stores and LOTS of pants I finally found some that work (Capri's!). My regular clothes, however, still fit and I plan to continue wearing them as long as possible. I assume I'm not the only pregnant woman with a hatred for maternity clothes. I've recently discovered an amazing invention called the Bella Band. It's like the stretchy thing in maternity pants, but not attached to pants - just the band. I wear it over my unbuttoned, unzipped pants and it holds them up and gives my tummy some support - I love it! I'm looking forward to summer skirts, dresses and tank tops...and the pool.

22 weeks

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

20 weeks!!

Half way there!!!!!
Just 20 more to go (sigh)

Our New home:

Wash U campus!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Perfect Little Human Being

Wednesday, April 1st was our very first ultrasound. An experience neither one of us will ever forget. We sat in the small, warm and dark room, almost in tears as we were able to actually see the little one for the first time. My belly exposed, covered in some sort of jelly and the ultrasound technicians magic wand scrolling across my abdomen, we watched the images appear on a large, flat-screen tv on the wall in front of us. We saw the brain, the little heart pumping, tiny bones, the stomach, spine, kidneys, little feet and hands. At just about half a pound and the size of my hand, we were surprised at how it looked like a "real" baby. When the wand stopped to take a photo we saw the little one kicking, rolling and waving it's arms around. "A perfectly active baby" said the technician. (Truth is, I think the baby likes my yogurt - it always seems to move after I've eaten it). One of our favorite moments was seeing a little foot and a tiny hand appear that reached up and grabbed the toes, pulling them down. The baby seemed so happy and alive in there. The sonographer said that everything looked wonderful and healthy and that we had made "a perfect little human being." (I couldn't have said it better myself).

The first glimpse of Baby Moen

Our first ultrasound!
Truly an amazing experience.