Wednesday, January 18, 2012

7 Months!

Baby Harper is SEVEN months old!  Crazy.  I mean it really seems crazy that it's been that long since I had her, since we lived in St. Louis, since E's second birthday.  Crazy.  Time sure flies!  That being said, we have thoroughly enjoyed every minute we spend with this little lady.  She's such an amazing, sweet and happy baby girl.  Strangers even exclaim about how sweet she is and what a great personality she has.  She's one mellow girl, that's for sure.  As she gets older she's becoming more independent, playing on her own and content being by herself.  She's not crawling (yet!) but rolls and scoots every where now!  She can maneuver herself all over the family room (which is scary) and gets sooo frustrated when something is just out of reach.  She'll be crawling soon.  She loves to babble to her toys and in her crib (even to strangers) and smiles at everyone.  Her hair is getting a little longer, but still a reddish, blonde and those eyes are still a bright blue.  She's beautiful.  Overall, she's a healthy, happy girl and still a little on the small side, but growing and eating perfectly!  We saw the eye doctor today, who said her eyes look fine (perhaps a little far-sightedness, but nothing of concern) and go back to the cardiologist next week for a follow-up echo.  Then back for a weight check and flu shot at the pediatricians office a couple weeks after that.  Poor little thing has been from doctor to doctor, but they all seem to think she looks great, which is good news! Of course we think she's perfect!  How could you not?


The University of Alabama won it's 14th National Championship on Monday, January 9th, 2012 against LSU - 21-0 for the 2011 college football season....and E, H and I were here in Tuscaloosa to watch it!  Dr. M was on the west coast for work, so the kids and I put on our crimson and houndstooth for the first half of the game (before bedtime).  Though I have to admit that I didn't catch much of the first half, I did see the whole second half after the little ones were asleep.  I know Dr. M would have loved to be in Tuscaloosa with us to see the game and feel the excitement in the city and even hear the fireworks in our neighborhood after the game.  This Saturday is the community celebration at the stadium, but I'm not sure we'll make it as it falls right during nap time, but we'll be cheering the on from home.  Roll tide roll! 

Wherever we move next be sure to bet on the local team to win a national title because that's been the case for us in the last three cities we've lived in (Jayhawks, Cardinals and now the Tide)!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Birthday and New Year!

I had a wonderful 34th birthday.  Really, it was perfect!  I had no expectations (which is good with two young children).  I actually slept in a little and when I got up Dr. M had both kids up, made my coffee and had gifts and cards waiting, which E was very eager for me to open (he's been obsessed with gifts since Christmas).  Dr. M and E also made a yummy breakfast  for everyone and we all got ready to go to the park.  It was an unseasonably, beautiful and warm day (73 degrees) so all 4 of us went for a stroll by the river and then to lunch downtown.  During afternoon nap I decided to take some of my birthday money and go shopping for a few hours alone.  I love getting the good after Christmas deals on things and spending two hours shopping alone is priceless!  When I got home Dr. M had made a cake and even had more gifts waiting.  That night we put the little ones to bed early and Dr. M made a spacial dinner for me, candle and champagne included!  We had more cake and snuggled down to watch a movie and even made it until midnight!  
New years day we took advantage of the nice weather and got the whole family (dogs too) out for a stroll at the arboretum.  Though a little windy, the weather was beautiful.  That afternoon I made the traditional black eyed peas and cornbread and that evening we watched another movie.
The perfect way to end 2011 and a great way to start 2012!!  It's amazing to think back over the past year and think about all the places we've been and things we've done and can't help but wonder what 2012 has in store for us....bring it on!

Birthday morning with my babies!

Happy girl enjoying a stroll in the beautiful weather.

E enjoying the river with "Dada"....

...and "Mama."

 So much going on in this picture.  E with frosting on his lips, trying to blow out the candle on my cake that's not lit, the cranky baby in the bouncer, the beer, the stockings, the presents, the cake.....welcome to our life.

Collecting sticks (as usual) at the arboretum on New Year's Day. 


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

It was a magical holiday season at the Moen house, filled with lots of "firsts."  It was our first Christmas in T-town and as a family of 4, baby Harper's very first Christmas and the first time E experienced Santa.  Grandma K and Sadie drove down to spend Christmas with us.  We made sugar cookies and chex-mix, had chili and hot dogs for dinner Christmas Eve (a Wedman tradition), monkey bread for breakfast (a Diggs tradition) on Christmas day and a big turkey dinner the day after Christmas (we were too stuffed to eat it the day before).  We listened to Christmas music, watched movies, played with new toys and didn't leave the house for two days!

The family tradition of decorating cookies on Christmas Eve continues with E in his apron and very first time helping (the cookies were even dairy-free so all of us could enjoy them!).

We listened to The Night Before Christmas (recorded by GG and Grandma Wanda) on Christmas Eve.

Santa came with LOTS of presents for our good little boy and girl.

Stocking Christmas morning!

H opening her very first present, all by herself.

E opened all the presents by himself (even some of Harper's) and when he was finished asked for more!

Newton among the inevitable mess of Christmas morning (my favorite part!). 

Our Happy Harper loving her very first Christmas! 
E showing Grandma K his awesome iPad skills (of course).

It was beautiful Christmas Eve, so all of us (dogs too) decided to get a little exercise at the Arboretum.  It rained non-stop the next two days, to glad we got out while we could!


The Christmas season in T-town

This was our first Christmas in T-town so we were anxious to seek out all the fun, holiday events in the area (weather-permitting).  There was so much to do, the days seemed to fly by.  Just as soon as Thanksgiving ended, holiday events were starting.  Christmas party with the math department, Christmas parade in downtown Tuscaloosa, Dickens Festival in downtown Northport, a friends neighborhood party, E's Christmas production at school, Christmas party at the Bryant museum and of course Christmas with family.  Yes, it was a busy month for the Moen's!  

Decorating the Christmas tree.  A two-year-old and Christmas trees are a tricky combination, so we had to take precautionary measures like....duct taping the base of the tree to the floor and only using non-breakable ornaments.  E thought the tree was magical - "we have a christmas treat with lots of toys."   

The parade in downtown Tuscaloosa.  It was your typical small town parade.  Lots of local businesses with girl/boy scout troops in the bed of trucks wearing santa hats and local churches/choirs singing Christmas carols.  The fun part was that it was at 6:00 in the evening so all the cars and floats were covered in twinkle lights.  I was disappointed, however, that they didn't throw candy - what's a parade without candy!?

Baby Harper bundled at the Dicken's Festival.  It was a cold, very rainy night, but we all had fun!  The streets were filled with people dressed up from a Dicken's novel, singing Christmas carols and the shops had warm cider and treats  for everyone AND they even had a snow machine!

Bundled up and headed to a Christmas party!

So handsome (even has his hair done) and ready for a Christmas party!

E's holiday production at school was, know how there's always one child who's petrified of being on stage, cries for his mom and can't remember anything they had practiced - well, that was E!  He was a mess from the minute he stepped on that stage and saw me.  I loved his handmade t-shirt and the little jingle bells on his wrists, but he just wouldn't shake 'em.  Poor little guy.  He wouldn't even eat any birthday cake or pizza at the classroom "happy birthday Jesus" party.  Maybe next year!?