Sunday, June 16, 2013

Harper's FIRST day of school!

Our little lady started school for the first time last week. It's the summer session, so she's just going two mornings a week from 9-12.  It's the same school where E has been going for the past couple years so she's familiar with the building and teachers.  She's been doing well so tears the first day (from either of us!) at drop off...though her teachers said she was pretty weepy when I left.  She appears to be getting better and eagerly gets out of the car and rushes to the playground in the morning and is sitting so contently next to E on the steps when I arrive to pick her up. Her teacher even complimented her fine-motor skills and how much she looooves to draw.  Such a sweet little girl.  She and E will start a new school this fall where she'll go three mornings a week.  It's been nice having some time alone each week and I know school is good for her in the long run, but it's sad to see my baby grow up so fast...

I think E was as excited as she was!

Monday, June 10, 2013

E's school pics

Here are E's (adorable!) school pictures from the 2012-2013 school year:
(click HERE for the link to the photo website)

SUCH a handsome boy!  He looks older than 3.5, doesn't he?

Back to KC...

Wednesday we packed up the minivan, boarded the dogs and began the 12 hour journey back up to KC.  Stopping at our usual place in West Memphis for the first night (4 hours into the trip).  Lunch in St. Louis with good friends the next day (4 more hours) and then just 2 short hours to Columbia (Grandma and Grandpa's house!).  I hadn't been to my dads house since the day we left for Alabama (literally). It felt so good to be there. So comforting and relaxing.  I think E actually remembered being there (H was just 4 weeks old the last time).  The kids settled in well, thankfully, and Grandma and Grandpa were getting ready for a weekend on their toes!  They offered to watch E & H for the weekend, while Dr. M and I cleaned out Grandma K's house in KC.  This was bittersweet for us.  It was our first weekend kid-free together (since before E was born), but had so much to do and very little time...  We got in to KC Friday night and spent the evening laughing with old friends (much needed).  The next morning, after a quick trip to Panera, we started the massive job of cleaning out the house.  Making piles of what we wanted and things to donate.  GG and Aunt Kaps came up that afternoon to help and we really got a lot done!  We spent Sunday doing the same thing...making hard decisions as we sorted through so many memories.  I headed back to Columbia Sunday night (to relieve the grandparents) and Dr. M stayed to keep working.  He met the movers the next morning, loaded the U-haul and met me in Columbia.  The next day we stared our journey back down south...the kids and I in the van and Dr. M in the truck.  We drove slow...and eventually made it home in time to meet the movers Friday morning, who helped unload all the beautiful antiques and family heirlooms from Grandma K's home.  Everything seemed to fit so perfectly into our house and bring so much richness and comfort with it.  It almost feels like Grandma K is here with us, among her she's moved in and watching over all of us (just like she would have wanted to do).  It was a crazy week, almost a blur....but it began with a boost of encouragement and support.  Just before we left we received an amazing and generous gift from Grandma K. For the first time in our lives we are able to live debt-free!  Truly a life-changing gift forever.
SO glad we have this van and DVD player!

Loungin' in the hotel, watching a little Dora.

Skipping rocks at Grandpa's lake...

 Picnic at the park (Max too!).

Lunch at Schlafly (we miss Maplewood!).

Mother's Day!  The kids made adorable handprint flower pots (at G and G's house) and Aunt Sarah sent me these beautiful fave!


We had 6 trees removed from our lot (3 in front and 3 in back).  Not sure if it's blog-worthy, but we sure had fun watching the chaos of 6 men cutting 50 foot trees down with just a chain saw and some ropes.  It was actually pretty incredible to see.  The house shook when the massive trees hit the lawn.  Part of me felt guilty cutting them down, but overall I know our house is a safer place and it's something I can check off my list to worry about.


Friday, June 7, 2013

23 Months!

The next post I write about this sweet little girl will be her TWO year update!  Omg, where has time gone?  Where has my baby gone?  She matures and grows every single day.  I remember my mom telling me when E was born, to take as many pictures as I could because they will never be this little again, that they are growing every day...  So true and so sad.  BUT, that's why I have this look back and remember all the 'little things' :)  Speaking of little things, Miss Harper is quite a doll.  Her little blonde curls are so perfect, they even bounce when she walks.  She's been eating a lot better lately and appears to be putting on weight (but we don't see a doc until her two year check).  Her vocabulary is really exploding (if you can understand her).  I love it when Eli and Harper have conversations in the car.  It's like they speak the same language.  She babbles and Eli corrects her or explains things and they laugh together, it's really amusing.  Miss H is looooving to watch Dora.  She loves to sing and dance around the living room.  Her favorite activity, by far, is drawing.  Now that she's past the 'eating the crayons' phase, she's really enjoying coloring (and is quite good at it).  This little lady is a heart melter.  That little face, gap in her teeth, her curls, blue eyes, milky skin and that sweet, sweet little laugh just get ya!  The other day a woman actually asked to take a picture of her because she thought Harper was so cute!  She's my little sunshine!

Outgrowing DAIRY!

We've been so busy lately (I haven't posted anything in almost a month and a half!) and feel like there are so many important things I need to update.  This one, in particular, is definitely blog-worthy! E has officially OUTGROWN his dairy allergy!!!  After almost 4 years of avoiding anything with even a trace of dairy in it (which is almost all 'kid' foods - pizza, ice cream, mac n'cheese, cookies) E is now able to eat anything (well, we're still avoiding nuts of all kinds, but that I can handle).  Over the years, we just kept 'trying' dairy, just by giving him a bite or rubbing a little on his cheek and watching for hives.  Recently, Dr. M suggested we just give him some cheese and see how he, we did and he was fine (in fact, he loved it) so we moved on to ice cream and opened up a whole new world of food to our little guy!  He's loving cheese and says pizza is his new favorite food, along with ice cream gold fish crackers and butter :)  We have waited a long time for this day!  So exciting!


Happy Birthday Dr. M!

At just 33 years young, Dr. M has accomplished more than the average guy....particularly in the last 5 years.  I can't tell you how proud we are of him, to be part of his family and to celebrate another awesome year of his life!  Happy Birthday, Dr. M!

Make a wish!

I made a key lime pie this year instead of cake (just for fun).  I squeezed, zested and sliced about 30 teeny tiny limes....but it was so worth it, it tasted amazing!  We also celebrated with the Diggs family (more on that in another post) who made Dr. M his favorite strawberry cake :)

We even made it out for a date night!  (both sporting new, overdue, haircuts!).