Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting ready...

Things are going great in the Moen house-hold.  We're still unpacking and getting things organized (why does this always seem to take so long!?).  The couch and crib finally arrived over the last week and I've been busy doing the fun part of moving - the decorating!  It feels strange not to be working everyday.   I'm just now starting to get bored and feel like a stay-at-home mom.  I think the people at Target, Trader Joe's and Mr. Wizards Frozen Yogurt know me by first name now.  

We had another Dr.'s appointment this morning (met with the nurse practitioner this time).  She said everything in the sonogram pics looked great.  She checked if I was dilated and said every thing is still closed, but is beginning to soften (which is a good thing).  Her prediction is that the baby will be a girl (based on the speedy heart-rate this visit) and thinks that I still have 4 weeks to go (though I'll be 37 weeks in 2 days).  We'll see...  

Overall I still feel great!  At this point I've gained about 25 lbs, don't have any stretch marks or swelling of body parts, no itchy skin or weird hair growth (that I can see), I don't even have that weird dark line under my tummy and my belly button is officially flat (and very clean!).  

Here's the first glimpse of the nursery(!!!!):

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby Moen update!

Last week we met with our new doctor, who we're really excited to be working with.  She's kind, mellow and treats us like we're her only patients.  Together, we decided that Missouri Baptist Hospital will be our best choice for delivery which is just a short drive from our house. From this point forward, I will begin seeing the doctor once a week.  Today was our second sonogram (more on this below), next week I will meet with the other doctor in the practice and the following week the nurse practitioner (to get acquainted with everyone in the office before delivery).  So far, everything is falling into place.  The nursery is painted and almost completely set up (still waiting for the crib and need to start washing everything) - don't worry, I'll post pics when finished.

Sonogram #2:  Today was our second sonogram, which was so different from the first one 15 weeks ago.  The baby is much bigger and seemingly crammed into my uterus which made it hard to make out what we were looking at on the sonogram screen.  We were told that baby M weights approximately 5 lbs and 7 oz and is on track for the August 22 due date.  It's fluid, placenta, weight and position all look great.  We were most excited to hear that the baby is head down and pretty low in the birth canal, getting ready for delivery (which is great news!). Just a couple weeks ago we were told that the baby was breech, so we were preparing ourselves for the worst (c-section).  It looks like things have turned around (literally) and looking good for a healthy baby and natural birth.  And, no, we didn't cheat and find out the gender :)

Here's a sonogram pic.  We were told this was an eye (but doesn't look like much to me).  She said it's head was low and facing my spine so a glimpse of an eye was all she could get.  That's okay, we'll see the little one in person before we know it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Da Boyz

I think the boys are liking the new place...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This might be one of my favorite parts about being pregnant.  We've heard some pretty funny comments from strangers, so far!  Here are a few:

A small, elderly, Italian woman in line in front of us at the grocery store placed her hand on my belly and in a thick accent said "it will be a girl."  Then turned around and continued about her business.

A man at Home Depot looked at Dr. M, pointed to my belly and said "is this your fault?"  The same man said he predicted the baby would weigh about 30 lbs (!?!).

The guy working at Trader Joe's asked if he could help "the three" of us find anything.

We've had some pretty funny gender guesses too:  "Oh, you're carrying high, it's a girl" or "Wow, you are carrying low, it's a boy."  I've even been asked if I've gained weight in my hips because "that means it's going to be a boy."  Or if I'm craving chocolate, because "that means it will be a girl."

I'll post more as we hear them (you can't make this stuff up!!).

Sunday, July 12, 2009

34 weeks!

"...and I still have 6 weeks to go."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

33 and a half weeks

Time seems to have flown by these last few months.  We've been incredibly busy, saying goodbye, moving and getting settled, but we're officially St. Louis residents now.  We've been here 3 nights and are starting to feel somewhat settled.  With the help of some awesome local friends, we've had a home-cooked meal and great company each night this week.  Today our cable and internet should be hooked up (we've been regulars at the local coffee shops the past few days, using their internet).  We've unpacked the kitchen, our closets and even ordered a new couch that should arrive today.  Things are starting to come together, though boxes still clutter the halls and most rooms, it's starting to feel more and more like home.  We're looking forward to walking to the Maplewood farmers market this afternoon and attending a local art festival in downtown Maplewood this Friday.  Saturday we'll be back in Columbia for our final baby shower (girls shower - I can't wait to see everyone).  Then, we're back here for more unpacking....

I can't believe I'm almost 34 weeks (sorry, still no digital camera)!  Overall, I'm still feeling great!  My stomach is still getting bigger, my belly button is almost completely flat and the little one is getting much stronger.  It's amazing to sit and watch my entire stomach contort and wiggle under my skin, almost alien-like.  Good news - I've found a new local doctor and I'm looking forward to my first appointment with her next Thursday.  At my last appointment in Lawrence we found out that the little one is breech (bottom down, head up - not so good for delivery), so I'm anxious to hear the new doctors plans to flip the little thing.  Pregnancy is still treating me well, no stretch marks, itchy skin or even swollen ankles....yet.  At times my hips and lower back ache, which is to be expected, but I've been enjoying the pool and sleeping with numerous pillows between my knees.  Just 6.5 more weeks to go.

So far, so good.  Life in St. Louis is treating us well...and keeping us busy!