Monday, October 17, 2011

Love/Don't Love

Today, I don't love...

- My post-baby body
- My hair that I haven't cut since before H was conceived (yes, I'm serious)
- That H's pediatrician hasn't called me back yet
- The anxiety I feel about her last appointment
- My feeling of anxiety, in general
- That groceries are so expensive
- The cockroach I found running around in the dog food bin this morning (yuck!)
- That I forgot to make coffee this morning
- That I accidently erased ALL of our recordings on our DVR last night
- That it was easier for me to think of the things I "don't love" about today rather than the things that I "do love"

Today, I love...

- That E didn't even shed a tear when I dropped him off at school
- That Dancing With the Stars is on tonight
- The beautiful, brisk fall weather this morning and being able to wear a light jacket
- That I'm excited about the new soup I'm going to make for dinner tonight
- All the stares and comments I get when I wear H in my sling
- How E runs up to me and hugs my knees when I pick him up from school
- That H finally had a dirty diaper after 2 days without (only a mom will understand this one)
- That Dr. M said I looked "cute" this morning
- The motivation I feel to eat better and run again
- The time I have to myself, while both babies take a long afternoon nap
- Hearing H giggle at me
- Breastfeeding
- My babies more than I will ever be able to express

I love how actually typing this out gives me such perspective on my day.  I ran across this idea on a blog that I really enjoy reading and it inspired me to give it a try.  I'm glad I did.  I suggest trying it and see what you come up with....

Fall weather!

Fall is my most FAVORITE time of year!  I love the cool weather, the beautiful trees, pumpkins and the smell of cinnamon.  October, November and December are my favorite 3 months.  This time of year makes me want to bake cookies and have soup on the stove all day.  It also makes me want to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, take walks, go to fall festivals, eat apples, and  go outside to the park with the kids.  Though it's hotter here this time of year than it is back home, we're still doing all of the aforementioned things.  And I'm love, love, loving it!

Me and my babies at the park near our house!

How cute is this?!  It was such a beautiful day at the park.  The weather was perfect!

E loves collecting the fallen pecans and throwing them in the fountain.

Sunday, all 4 of us went to the Kentuck Art festival.  It was a beautiful morning together!  Did you notice that Miss Harper sitting the big girl seat in the stroller?  She loved being able to look around. 

E got his face painted for the first time.  He did great until the girl showed it to him in the mirror and he quickly wiped it off!  This is what remained of his red Alabama "A"... 

Harper's favorite place to be, the sling.  I get so many comments when I wear her like this.  It's like people here have never seen a sling before.  I love using it when we're out and about so she can nap (esp at the grocery store) and both of my hands are free.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Four Months!

Little Miss Harper is 4 months old.  That means it's been almost three months since we moved down here, which I can't believe.  She's changed sooo much in just the last month.  She's holding her head up well and loves to sit on my lap and watch her brother and the dogs.  She smiles at everyone (even the mean nurse that gave her shots today).  She squeals in excitement and loves to babble at her toys and grabs her toes.  She's actually growing some hair (still light and blonde).  Her eyes are still a beautiful, bright blue.  The biggest change, I think, is that she can roll from her back to her tummy and chooses to sleep that way!  Speaking of which, she sleeps great!  Seriously, this girl loves her beauty rest.  She sleeps about 10-12 hours at night and takes two long naps.  I've been working on this.  I scheduled her second nap to be when E sleeps, so I can get some alone time (woo hoo!).  She has also become quite fond her of her fingers.  In fact she sucks on them (mainly the middle two) all the time.  This is bittersweet for me.  It's nice because she can soothe herself back to sleep and in the car when I can't reach a pacifier...but I'm worried about not being able to take a finger away when she's older like we can a pacifier.  Oh well, we sucked our thumbs and turned out just fine.  She's been on her reflux meds for about two months now and is doing great.  I still hear the reflux, but it doesn't seem to bother her.  She's  nursing great and we're still using cloth diapers!  Overall, she's a sweet, happy baby.  She's growing and developing perfectly (though the doc seemed to think she's not gaining enough weight...but I'm not going to worry about that right now because she seems perfect to me)!!

4 Month stats:
Weight - 11 lbs 14 oz (15%)
Length - 24 1/4 in (40%)

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Last weekend was the University's homecoming.  Like everything down here that has to do with football, it was a pretty big deal.  Though the evening started with a couple cranky kids, we decided to brave the crowds on the quad to attend the festivities.

First was the pep-rally on the steps of the main administrative building in the quad.  The band, cheerleaders and dancers performed for hundreds of people standing around watching while university administration and football staff revved up the crowd.  

As you can imagine the pep-rally wasn't very exciting for a two-year-old, so we squeezed through the crowds to the big open field where he could run around with others his age while waiting for the bonfire.    Needless to say, the bonfire was the main attraction!  Our whole family enjoyed it.  It was HUGE.  The fire department lit it with giant blow torches.  The crowd had to stand back at least 50 feet, but you still feel the immense heat radiating from it on the cool evening.

The fraternities and sororities pair together and create these floats for the saturday afternoon parade but they display them in front of the sorority houses (on "sorority row") the night of the bonfire.  They were pretty impressive. 

 Some were made out of the traditional tissue paper pom-poms, but many were made with these little balls of tissue paper (I had never seen these before). The detail was amazing!

 We didn't make it to the parade or game on Saturday because we were busy picking up Grandma W from the airport and spending time with her instead.  Totally worth it!!!  We had an amazing time with her.  Plus, we've got many years to come for UA homecoming.


Thursday, October 6, 2011


Our baby boy started preschools this week!  I can't believe it!  According to Dr. M, "this is just the beginning of a looong road, since he has to have his PhD before he's 30" (like his dad, of course).  Monday was E's first day.  We dressed him up and even bought him a new little backpack (for his diapers, a change of clothes and sippy cup).  He fussed a little when we dropped him off, but the staff quickly distracted him with the letters on the rug (he's obsessed with letters).  He was super excited to see me when I picked him up, but even more excited to see his sister "baby Harper" (too cute!).  His teachers, of course, had rave reviews about him and couldn't get over how "smart" he is, which made his mama beam.  His school is at a local Presbyterian church on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 am -12 pm, which means that Harper and I get some needed "girl time" for a few hours and I'm able to run errands again.  E's little mind is like an sponge, absorbing everything around him. Dr. M has been working with him on several iPad apps for reading, counting, drawing and the states, but the solar system is by far his favorite (he knows all of the planets, in order, and is obsessed with a set of planet books from Grandpa D.)!  So, he may not be "academically" challenged at preschool, but he'll do things that we don't do as much at home like crafts, music and socialization; enrichment things I think he needs.  I can tell this will be SO good for all of us - me, Harper and especially E.  Plus, it feels good to have a schedule of some sort again and makes having two babies seem a little more manageable.