Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Harper is 6 months!

Happy half birthday, baby girl!  Can't believe she's 6 months old already.  I know I say that every month, but for some reason 6 months seems more shocking.  It feels more like a milestone that we've ALL reached.  I never thought I would say this, but she's truly a dream baby!  She's perfect and soooo mellow.  If every baby were like this one, we would have 10.  In the beginning she was difficult, but now that we've figured her out (and she us) she's a different baby.  She goes to bed around 7 and sleeps until 7, but I feed her before I go to bed, around 10:30 and again around 4am (I'm not complaining!) and she takes two naps, which I've strategically correlated with E's afternoon nap.  We've been trying "solid" foods (homemade, pureed foods) and so far she's had rice cereal, avocado and sweet potatoes (her fave so far).  She's been sitting independently now for several weeks and is rolling over from front to back and back to front effortlessly now.  Her hair is still very blonde, but is still downy and light and her eyes are still a radiant blue.  She's been "speaking" in more consonants now, like "M" and "B" and loves to babble and stick out her tongue (adorable).  She thinks her brother is the funniest thing in the house (the dogs are a close second) and loves watching all of them.  Unfortunately, she's caught several of her brother's colds and seems to have a runny nose and some chest congestion constantly, but is always in good spirits.  She's still taking her reflux medication, but we hope to wean her off of it soon.  I'm still avoiding dairy, nuts, chocolate, eggs and some soy in hopes to help her reflux.  She's also showed symptoms of food allergies to these foods (via green, dirty diapers) so we hope to have her tested for allergies in the near future, which I have a feeling may be the answer to her reflux and weigh-gain issues.  I feel like, however, she's put on some weight recently, but haven't been to the doc for her 6 month appointment yet (long story), but I'll add the stats when we get them.  Overall, she's a happy, healthy baby girl!  Her FIRST Christmas is in just 4 days!!!!


Such a good little sitter (and cute too)!!

Sweet Potato!


6 Month Stats:
Weight - 14 lbs 1 oz (5%)
Height - 26 1/2 in (65%)
Head Circ. - 16 1/4 in

We had an appointment with H's doc yesterday (it was delayed because we had to reschedule due to E's Christmas program at school).  Overall, she seems to be doing well.  Developing, physically and mentally right on schedule.  The doc was a little worried about her weight, which continues to drop, so we plan to go back in a month to have her re-checked (and to get her flu shot booster).  At this point, she wasn't concerned about the possibility of food allergies and wants to wait to have her tested.  She did, however, say that little H's eyes were a little out of line, which she said could mean that there's a vision difference in them and suggested we see an eye doctor (sheesh!  What's next for this little girl!?).  We also go back to the cardiologist a the end of this month for a follow-up echo.  She got 4 immunizations (3 shots and one oral), plus her first flu shot yesterday.  Poor little thing.  She's had an ongoing slew of doctor visits and shots since the day she was born.  To me she seems healthy and very happy!  She's our little "Happy Harper."

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The E-man Lately...

E is 27 months now, but who's counting?  I've been told that you don't count in months after they turn two, but I really miss doing my monthly updates on the little guy.  Having a baby around the house who seems to change daily, I sometimes forget that E is still growing and changing too.  It's amazing to see how much he's changed since he started school in October.  He's learned so much from the kids at school (both good and bad) and has been working hard with Dr. M to learn many new (and impressive) subjects on the iPad.  Lately....
- He refers to himself in the first person (this is a big step, socially).
- He's, however, learned the stereotypical poor manners of possessive preschooler like "No! That's mine!", "Let go!", "Gimme that", "I want it now!" and the lovely "NOOO!".  Fun times.  
- He loves to paint with water colors and is surprisingly good.  Really.  He is also drawing in circles and "shapes" rather than just scribbles (I don't know if this matters, developmentally, but makes his art more interesting). 
- He now knows all of the planets (in proper order, of course), his 3D shapes (cone, cylinder, prism, etc.) and almost all of the 50 states!  He's crazy good at memorization and is very visual.  This kid is going to be sooo bored in kindergarten.  
- He can sing the whole alphabet by himself and also the Caillou theme song.
- He still loves letters and numbers of all shapes and sizes and impresses us when he finds them in a creative way in unassuming the lines in the middle of the road he said were "11" and the parking lines at the store were "H" and also a "4".
- He loooves the Christmas tree but affectionately calls it the "krispy treat".
- He recently went through a faze of being scared of the bath and refusing to take one, but quickly moved on (thank goodness) after a week when we lured him with lots of bubbles and crayons to play with while in there. 
-He's had a regression of his food allergies.  Which means he's still allergic to dairy, peanuts and tree nuts and we recently discovered that he's allergic to lentils (they're in the peanut family, who knew?).
I feel like he's gotten taller in the past couple months.  His hair is long again, but I kinda like it, so we'll wait a little longer on another haircut.  I also think he's slooowly getting his 2-year molars.  So far it's been a long, slow, painful process.  He'll be great one moment and then crabby and have a low fever the next.  Poor guy.  One thing is for sure, though, he's a GREAT big brother!  He loves "Baby Harper" and is so gentle with her.  He even says "hi pretty girl" when he sees her.

This isn't the best shot, but it's hard to get this guy to slow down for a photo these days.  He's a busy guy!

His first (of many I assume) peanut butter and birdseed bird feeder.

ETA:  It's official, E now knows ALL 50 US states!  Seriously!  He and Dr. M have been working on the iPad recently, which E loves and in just a few days, he knew all of the states!  He's amazed even his preschool teachers.  What's next?  Not sure....presidents, countries, flags.....ideas, suggestions???