Friday, October 26, 2012

Aunt Sarah

We had an awesome (and much needed) visit from Aunt Sarah last week!  I was in need of some serious "girl time", she wanted to see the new house and the kids were SO excited to spend some quality time with her....which is exactly what we did...

Breakfast at Rama Jama (H getting in some snuggles).

Bedtime stories with E

Some new "artwork" - meow!

Kentuck Art Festival - E building a bird house!

Kentuck Art Festival - kettle corn, of course!

Kentuck Art Festival - turkey leg!!!!

Kentuck Art Festival - E's beautiful art work!
Kentuck Art Festival - piggy back ride from mama!

STP at Publix of the girls to text to Mom :)

The coolest slippers the kids have ever seen (it's Bull!)!

A much needed "girls night out" - dinner and drinks!!!!

Fun a the McWayne Science Center after we took Sarah to the airport.

What a great week!  Now if we could just convince her to buy and live in the house across the street....that would be perfect!  We love you, Aunt Sarah! :)

16 months!

Miss Harper is getting SO big!  She's growing up so quickly, learning so much and changing every day.  She really is the cutest little thing I have ever seen - that face, those blue eyes, her curls and sweet, sweet smile.  Strangers compliment her when we're out - how beautiful she is, her curls, her eyes, and that infectious smile.  She is one special little lady!  She might be little, but this girl is fearless!  She wants to do anything her brother does...slides, climbing, running, toys, games, etc.  You name it and she'll try it!  Don't tell her she's tiny, she has no clue.  Though she's not really saying words that are decipherable, she babbles in a language all her own constantly and will try to imitate words that you say to her.  She mostly communicates by pointing and babbling and is awesome at following directions.  She still suffers from silent reflux (!!) so we changed her medication about a month ago...and it has made a huge difference!  She's much more interested in food and actually drinking some cows milk (though nursing is still her favorite).  We have another weight check with her doc in a week or so, but I'm not too worried, I can tell she's doing so much better!  She's really an amazing little girl.  Perfect in every way...peaceful, calm, determined, strong-willed and beautiful.  We're lucky parents...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gulf Shores

This was our very FIRST family vacation and the kids' very FIRST time to the ocean!  On a whim, we boarded the dogs, packed up the Honda and headed south, to the beach for the weekend.  The 5 hour drive seemed to go by fairly quick as we enjoyed seeing the small, Alabama towns and the beautiful terrain.  The kids slept, ate, fussed and played games the whole time.  We arrived just after dark Friday night, but just in time to check into the hotel and head out to the beach for "Ghost Crab" hunting with flashlights and a bucket.  We got to bed late that night, but it was SO worth it!  E in bed with us and H in the living room of the suite.  Saturday morning we headed out to the beach early (as most families with kids did), claimed a spot in the sand and played all morning.  E and H weren't too sure of the active water, but loved playing in the soft, white sand.  After a few hours we decided to pack up for lunch at the National Annual Shrimp Festival...a huge arts, crafts and food festival walking distance from the hotel.  We had amazing coconut shrimp, saw some beautiful (and crazy) artwork, played games and decided it was time to head back for a much needed nap (and beer!).  While the kids slept, Dr. M watched the MU/UA football game and I enjoyed some uninterrupted time on the beach, alone.  After naps, some more time playing in the sand and a short wait at a local restaurant, we had dinner over-looking the beach and sunset.  After dinner, we strolled along the shore until it got too dark and settled in for an early bath and bedtime for the kids, while Dr. M and I sat on the balcony sharing a bottle of wine.  Sunday morning we were up early and back on the beach.  This time, E was much more excited about the water, running and playing in it, chasing the seagulls and hunting for seashells.  After just a couple hours, it was time to pack our things and say goodbye to the ocean.  After stopping for a seafood lunch, we headed home in time to pick up the dogs.  It was a short, but very sweet we hope to take annually now that we're this close!
The drive down...

Crab hunting!

The view from our 12th floor suite.  Oh, how I miss that balcony.

Playin' in the sand Saturday.

Shrimp Fest!

Dinner on the beach - Bahama Bob's

Sunday morning

 Feeling brave!

Sweet, sandy, baby toes.

Goodbye beach...

Silliness at lunch :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3 Year Check-Up

Though E turned 3 almost 6 weeks ago, we just got into his doc for his annual check-up today.  He did SO well (of course!).  He's perfect in every way (but we already knew that!).  Just E and I went to his appointment this morning, we sat in the waiting room, even peed in a cup for his urine sample  (he thought this was too funny!), they measured his height and weight, checked his vision using a vision chart (he loved seeing the letters and the nurses were really impressed by how "smart he is"), took his blood pressure, his temperature, and even pricked his finger to take a blood sample....all before the doctor even came in to see him!  The doc was very thorough, checking him from head to toe, while E followed his direction and was such a trooper.  Doc said he looked great! The nurses returned to give him an annual flu shot (now we've all had one!), which he didn't like at all (it's still sooo hard for me to see my babies hurt like that, my heart aches!).  The doc suggested we see a local allergist, but we're not in any rush to do so.  He also said that his "toe walking" was normal and will eventually fade. He's gained 5 lbs and grown 3 1/4 inches over the past 12 months (compare to this post).  He's seems so much older than just three years. Sometimes I forget that he's still so young.  He's just to mature and advanced compared to his peers.  I can't begin to tell you how truly amazing we think this little boy is and how lucky we are to be his parents!  We love you, Bubbie!!

Perfect little boy toes (yes, that's a bruise on his big toe!).

Patiently waiting for the doc...

Blood pressure... 

Finger prick...

Back at home with cool band-aids :)

I also gave him a haircut when we got home tonight, but will have to post pics later...

ETA - New haircut pic!  Really short, but SO handsome!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I can't believe I went almost a month with out updating the blog.  If that tells you anything, it's that we've been very busy....and have had some pretty amazing family time.  I'm not even sure where to begin, it feels like so much has happened.  Well, I finally joined the 21st Century and got an iPhone!  This has been as life-changing as everyone told me it would be.  The best part is that I always have a camera with me and find myself taking pics of the kids at least every day!

Family outing at the T-Town mall.  This fountain is endless hours of excitement for the kids.  E picks the coins out and throws them back.  Make a wish (again and again)!

We FINALLY bought a king-size bed!  After a restful stay in a hotel bed, we decided we "needed" one too.  It's been so nice having the extra room and a proper guest bed too.

Family trip to Moundville park and museum.  An incredible Native American park.  Very cool and cultural experience.

Pie Lab was soooo worth the 45 minute drive to Greensboro, AL!  Amazing food, a new t-shirt and truly amazing company.

Story time at the Library.  Our favorite Thursday morning activity.

Blanket-forts over the dinning room table.  Perfect rainy-day fun for all of us!

Baking with mom.  E loves to help cook and, of course, taste everything!

Bubbles at the Library - the best part of story time and H's favorite!

Donuts with Grandma K!  Chocolate with sprinkles!  Sooo good.

A much needed and enjoyable visit form Grandma K (and Sadie).

 A wonderful girls night out.  Good drinks and great company!

Hiking at the Arboretum in the beautiful fall weather.

 "Preschool in the Park" event sponsored by the Library.  Stories, activities and friends!

The HUGE train table.  Given to us by our very generous neighbor.  It's amazing, has every accessory possible and the kids think it's awesome!

Playdate, lunch and crafts with friends!  Yummy, homemade Indian cuisine and fantastic company.

A wonderful family day together.  Breakfast with my favorite people at Panera.

The camera is still rolling, but I hope next time it doesn't take me so long to post the great photos and wonderful family memories we're creating.  The fall is just beginning (and finally cooling off down here) and as of's going to be a busy one!  I can't wait!  My favorite time of year!!!