Thursday, May 27, 2010

On the move...

Little E started crawling a month ago. Now he's all over the place! Which I have to admit, I actually like. He follows me all over the house, even in the bathroom. He thinks the measuring cups and spatulas in the kitchen are the greatest new toys. The world has grown exponentially for E since he started moving. He's no longer confined to a small corner in the family room. Everything he finds is so new and exciting, an adventure...the knobs on the bathroom cabinets, the toilet flushing, the dog bowls, the different floor textures, the air conditioning vents (particularly when the air blowing). He's also started pulling up to standing on everything including the dishwasher, the couch and even Stewdog. This is such a fun and exciting time. E is so much fun but watch out, he's fast!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Mother's Day

Sunday was my very first Mother's Day (though we sort of celebrated last year, when I was pregnant). My Dad was in town, still celebrating Dr. M's birthday and helping us with some much needed yard work. Dr. M surprised me with a beautiful tree to plant in the front yard. It symbolizes the start of our new family and my very first Mother's Day together. I'm looking forward to watching it grow along with our family. I received so many beautiful flowers and cards and went to a wonderful brunch. I may, however, be looking forward to using the overdue and much needed one hour massage gift card that Dr. M gave me. Being a mother is amazing and exhausting at the same time. Every day is a new challenge, unlike the day before. Watching my son thrive and grow and my husband become a father is so rewarding. We are learning from each other everyday and growing as a family. I always thought that I would feel "different" as a mother and, to be honest, I don't. I feel better. Like myself, but complete. I love caring for my family. My respect and understanding for my own mother has grown so much. The bond between a mother and her child is indescribable, like nothing I could have imagined. I love that little boy so much and am so lucky to be his mother. He has changed my life forever. Thank you, little E.

30th Birthday

May 5th was Dr. M's 30th birthday (he's finally catching up with me!). To celebrate we had a house full of family (and dogs!). His mother, my mom, her husband, my dad, his wife and a good childhood friend of Dr. M's and three dogs all came to visit. He received 3 birthday cakes, many beautiful cards, cash, some much needed items, steaks and a new gas grill! The weather was beautiful. We ate outside three nights in a row. The celebration continued for almost 5 days and into the weekend. Little E was a trooper and, quite honestly, he loved all of the attention from the grandparents! As Dr. M always says "A PhD and a baby before I'm 30." I can't wait to see what he will accomplish in the next 30 years...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

8 months

It's been a busy month in the Moen household. A month full of "firsts" for us and our busy little allergic reaction, using a highchair at restaurants, really crawling, tornado sirens, picnic in forest park, first b-day party, fever, antibiotics and ear infection. Things started with a bad allergic reaction to something unknown, he had hives all over and even his ears swelled (Benadryl works wonders). We started using the "big kid" high chairs at restaurants, which E loves and so do we, as it keeps him occupied while we eat. The past two weekends we've experienced April showers, severe spring weather and tornado sirens...the three of us and the dogs camped out in the basement last weekend for over a half hour. A week ago it finally happened....E got his very first fever. We were in the car, on our way to Chicago for the weekend and turned around when we realized that E wasn't feeling well. A green runny nose, fever and few days later we discovered that E had a double ear infection. He received his first dose of "the pink stuff" amoxicillin (and loves it!). E also attended his very first birthday party for a friend and a picnic in Forest Park last week. He loves being outside, playing in the grass and all the other kids in the beautiful spring weather. He's been working on crawling for some time now, but decided to take a break and work on transitioning from sitting to crawling and laying down to sitting, which he's mastered. But tonight, for the first time, he actually crawled...across the room, forward! He's getting so big (almost 18 lbs now). He's so much fun. He's always happy, laughing, babbling and smiling at everyone. So far, we haven't experienced any separation anxiety or stranger danger. He's just perfect. In every way....