Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ready or not, here I come!

Around 3 am this morning (Thursday, August 27) I awoke with strong menstrual-like cramps. Having had a late night with the girls last night I tried to ignore the cramps and get some rest. When I woke this morning the cramps were still present and I then realized that I was experiencing the first signs of early labor. Following my mothers suggestion, I called the Dr who said that everything sounds "normal," told me what to watch for and said to go ahead and come in for my regularly scheduled appointment tomorrow to be checked. These are all good signs that little Moen is on it's way (and so is my mom, who will be here in about 15 minutes)!! Did I mention that today is also the first day of classes for Dr. M who has just begun teaching his first class as I type this. What an exciting day!

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