Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3 months!

In just three months Elliot has grown 6 pounds and 4 inches! He's amazing and seems to change everyday. It's incredible how much he's changed in just a month. He now laughs, smiles, drools, grabs for his toys (pulling them into his mouth!), tries to roll over, wants to sit up on his own and even tries to stand when he's being held. He's also started fussing when we leave the room and fussing and reaching his arms out when he wants to be held. He's so content just being in our company. He's so strong and very active. His hair seems to grow longer every day! He also babbles non-stop. He loves to "goo" and "ahh" out loud. He even gurgles at us. His favorite "word" seems to be "agua" or "ahhgooowaaa"- spanish already? It's super cute! He even rolled over from his stomach to his back this week. He's growing and changing every day.
We spent his first Thanksgiving in Kansas City with lots of family and friends and we plan to spend Christmas here, at home, as a family together. Elliot helped decorate the tree, hang the stockings and make presents. We can't wait for Christmas!
Dr. M and I received our H1N1 (Swine Flu) shots last weekend. We hope to stay flu free this season, as it's supposed to be a bad one. We've been enjoying weekly play dates with a group of girl friends (Elliot is the only boy!). I'm still staying home with E every day (and loving it). I'm not actively seeking a job, but if I can find one that allows me to work from home, I might be interested....we'll see.

Here are a few recent pictures of our family.....

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