Wednesday, December 1, 2010

15 months!

Our little boy is now one year and three months old, which means that next time we see his doctor, he'll be a year and a half, I can't believe it! He's growing so fast. He's walking everywhere now (almost running). He can go from sitting to standing (without help) and can even squat to pick up a toy and take off running again. He's really starting to figure out how his world works. He now blows his nose and takes the tissue to the trash, for instance, or holds a tissue up to stewdog's nose. He also tries to put shoes, clothes and hats on by himself. He seems to be connecting everything now. He now has 10 teeth (four on top and bottom and two molars). His hair is getting longer, but we still haven't cut it yet. He still talks constantly and his vocabulary goes with what he's doing or what he wants. He's mastered "please more" (sounds like "pees moe") and loves to point to what he wants. He loves the fact that he can communicate with us and we understand his needs (I can tell by his big smile when he gets what he wants). We saw his pediatrician this morning who said that he's one of the most verbal 15 month-olds he's seen. Overall, he said his development was very high and he seems like a very well natured, happy guy. He's right :) He's gaining weight and growing in length well. Doc says that he's on track to be a tall thin guy.

15 month stats:
weight: 20lbs 2oz (13%)
height: 31.5 in (59%)
head circ: 17.5 in (7%)

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