Saturday, August 20, 2011

2 Months!

Our little girl is now 2 months old. She's still the most beautiful little girl we've ever seen (yes, we're a little biased). She still has amazing light blue eyes and her hair appears to be blonde, though it's hard to tell since she has very little (except for a long, dark patch at the crown of her head). She loves to sleep, but unfortunately it's mostly during the day. I'm still getting up several times at night to feed her, but we're working on this. She's been suffering from silent reflux for weeks now and we've been trying to cure it naturally, but have just started meds (Zantac), which I think are already helping. The reflux seems to be pretty painful for her and actually have caused her to not have much of an appetite, so we hope this will help increase her weight as well. I'm still nursing (and loving it) but have cut dairy and soy from my diet, as I think it was also upsetting her tummy. We met with our new pediatrician here in T-town last week for Harper's 2 month check-up. Overall, she said that H looks good, but we need to increase her weight, so I'm meeting with a lactation consultant next week to make sure she's eating enough and we hope the reflux meds increase her appetite. Her next check-up is in two months. She developing right on track though. She can hold her head up and does grea with tummy time. She smiles at us and even coos. She swings at her toys loves to kick around. Though not very fast, I still love watching her grow and change each day.
2 Month Stats:
Weight - 10 lbs 0 oz
Length - 22 3/4 in
Head - 15 in

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Amy said...

Oh how I miss you! I have something to send you so hopefully you'll get it in the mail soon. She is just beautiful, Andrea & Kabe! Give E a hug from me too.