Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I finally feel like we've found some sort of balance.  Needless to say, our life is chaotic with two dogs and two kids, but somehow, in the midst of the craziness I feel like we're starting to figuring things out.  We've been down here for 10 weeks now (who's counting?), have a handful of "mommy" friends and have spent our weekends together, as a family, exploring our new city.  It feels good.  Things are starting to come together.  My previous post (entitled "personal") was not only emotional, but also truthful.  It felt good to get those thoughts out, but they also stirred up some concern from friends and family.  In the three weeks since I made that post, I really feel like things have changed.  Harper has been a much happier baby since starting her reflux meds and is sleeping through the night (woo hoo!).  I've also started her on a regimented nap schedule, which happens to be at the same time E sleeps in the afternoon, so I have some much needed time to myself.   The three of us are getting out of the house more during the day (as my confidence builds) and I've been going to the gym everyday (at 6am, but, hey, at least I'm going).  I've also hit the three month mark post-pregnancy/nursing which means my hormones have leveled out (and I've started losing my hair).  I realized, however, that I was missing my creative side that so badly needed to exercised.   So, I've been inspired to start a sort of "craft" blog!  It contains recipes, craft projects and my thoughts (not so baby centered).  I'm excited to share it with you all soon, but am still in the process of getting it started.  E starts preschool on Monday, which will give little Harper and I more one on-one-time, provide all of us with a weekly schedule/routine and give me time to work on crafty goodness!  Overall, I feel content and balanced and loving this beautiful fall weather (my favorite time of year)!
Bath time at the Moen home!

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Amy R. said...

I'm excited to see your new craft blog! I love your talent. And I am a slacker and still haven't put these cute little socks for H in the mail yet. Maybe today. :)