Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Diggs Visit

Grandma and Grandpa Diggs spent last weekend with us.  It was a short, but sweet visit.  Having been almost 7 months since we've seen them (Thanksgiving) it was much needed.  I hope Grandpa got his fill of southern, fried and barbecued foods :)  They loved seeing the new house and we loved getting their advice on landscaping (they have amazing green thumbs).  It was so good just chatting with them.  I hope our visits aren't as far between in the future, they are truly missed by all of us.

New plants for the front porch (E helped!).

Bedtime stories with Grandpa are the best!

We sang happy birthday to H at lunch (before she dug into the whipped cream).  She and Grandma Diggs share the same birthday!

The new swing-set (Dr. M assembled it himself!)! Both kids LOVE it!

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