Friday, August 31, 2012

E turns 3!

This was an amazing birthday!  Simple.  Simply perfect!  No big plans, parties or expectations, just good ol' family fun.  We started the day (a Tuesday) like normal, but with one gift at breakfast (bacon!), before Dada went to work.  After breakfast and playing with his new puzzle (states!) Harper, E and I decided to brave the crowds at the recently open Krispy Kreme here in town.  E had never been to Krispy Kreme before (and I don't remember the last time I went).  He was completely intrigued by the cooking donuts and the "waterfall" of icing.  His donut had chocolate frosting and sprinkles - he was SO excited when he saw them in the case, he could barely contain himself.  The three of us enjoyed some warm donuts, on a rainy morning and then headed to the Children's Museum (CHOM) to run off the sugar we just consumed and meet some friends.  After some serious play-time, we all (5 moms, 2 pregnant, and 7 kids, all under 4 years!!!) went to lunch together (not sure we'll be allowed back to that establishment after the mess and chaos we all caused!).  After lunch, we went home for some Umizoomi and a nap.  After nap, when Dada got home we all had CAKE (strawberry - E's request - with vanilla frosting) and presents.  E was in heaven when he saw all the games and new toys for him.  He wanted to play with ALL of them.  Harper was even excited.  We Skyped with Grandma K and even sang Happy Birthday.  While E, Dad and Harper played out front (with the new rocket launcher) I made "breakfast for dinner" - E's favorite (more bacon!).  Then the four of us snuggled on the couch and ate dinner while watching The Lorax (a bday gift) for the first time.  That night, E insisted on sleeping with ALL of his new we let him pick a "piece" of each one to take to bed.  He was especially excited to sleep under his new "outer space" bedding.  The next day (Wednesday) the celebration continued at school.  Harper and I came at snack time with Oreo's, juice and pinwheels for the whole class and a special Toy Story balloon for E.  He loved hearing the class sing to him and showing off his "mama" and "sister".  He's such a sweet boy!  Truly an amazing person.  It's really incredible to see how much he's learned and how far we've come in just three short years.  He will always be special, as he was our very first baby.  He made us parents for the very first time.  Though he's growing more and more independent, he'll always be my baby boy.  He brings a smile to my face every day and I love to hear Dr. M and E giggling each night.  He challenges us daily, but I think it just makes us all stronger.  Happy Birthday Elliot!!  We love you SO much!

First present of the day....States puzzle!

Chocolate frosting with sprinkles!!

"Look at the turtle, Harper!"  at CHOM

Make a wish!

The rocket launcher!!

Dinner and a movie!

New "planets" bedding!

Awesome new watch!

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