Thursday, November 1, 2012


What a week it's been!  We've been going non-stop for the past 10 days (not complaining, it's all super fun stuff and amazing memories)....  Homecoming events began Friday night with the annual bonfire and house decorations on campus.

 These are not your average floats with tissue paper - they are incredibly detailed and made of little, bitty, hand rolled pieces of tissue paper in tiny balls and glued in place.  They are massive and really stunning to see in person.

After meeting up with some friends, chatting and hanging out on the Quad, the T-town fire department lit the HUGE bonfire!  It's mesmerizing.  Hundreds of people were circled around the massive pile of flaming wood pallets and though we were probably 50 feet from it you could feel the intense heat radiating from the flames.  I love seeing all the faces glowing in the light of the fire.

A strong cold-front came through the night before and the temperature outside dropped about 30 degrees, so we bundled up Saturday afternoon for the homecoming parade downtown.


The whole town was buzzing with excitement for the game that night and the city was almost 3 times the normal we had a hike up to the parade (but enjoyed the fallen leaves and cold breeze).

The parade was packed with you standard marching bands, vintage cars, pageant queens, baton twirlers and also some very "southern" flair.  Despite the fact that there was no candy (when did they stop throwing candy at parades?) the kids throughly enjoyed it!

After the parade and a quick stop into the Library (where we parked), we headed to a friends house for her annual fall party for chili, drinks, treats, pumpkin carving, football on TV, great conversation and LOTS of kiddos!

Sunday we spent the day running around town shopping and searching for last-minute Halloween costumes and pumpkins...all 4 of us have had the sniffles for days now and were all in need of a good nap!

That afternoon I made cupcakes for E's school Halloween party.  I also made butternut squash soup for dinner and we ate the leftover cupcakes.  What an awesome weekend!

The fun continued through the following Thursday (today!) with more events around town and next post :)

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