Wednesday, April 24, 2013

22 Months!

Our spunky little lady is two months from turning two!  She's one little fireball, that's for sure!  Now that we've all gotten over the winter 'funk' and we're not sick any more, little Miss H has had quite the personality.  She likes to pick out her clothes, demands nursing sessions, loves shoes, screams if E takes anything from her...  She's definitely falling into the 'terrible twos' fit-throwing, showing my independence stage!  At night after getting her jammies on (which is a current struggle), she picks out a book (by herself) and throws a fit if we don't read a second (or third...) one.  I love her funny little faces at dinner, how she swaggers around the house swinging her little arms and her sweet, sweet little hugs. Though she's opinionated, she's awfully sweet too! She sure loves her Bubba and wants to do anything he's doing.  I love seeing them play together and hearing them laugh with one another.  Miss H is a smart little cookie too!  She knows all her animal sounds, several shapes, many body parts and understands just about anything you ask her to do.  I love hearing her little voice. Her favorite toy is still her Pink Kitty and she sure loves her two blankies...  She's a special one, that's for sure!

GI follow-up:
Good news! We saw the GI specialist last week, had an upper GI x-ray done and follow-up with the Dr.  She was expected to gain 7 grams a day and ended up gaining 11 grams per day!  Her x-ray came back 'normal' except that she does indeed have acid reflux (GERD).  I think it was one of the very first doc appointments where the doc said she looked great, see ya in 3 months!  Our only instructions were to 'keep doing what we're doing'.  So, all around, good news!  Yay!   

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