Friday, August 30, 2013

Moen Visit

Grandma Moen and the Chandler family came all the way from Texas to visit us!  All 5 of them (Wanda, Chris, Sara, Zachery and Toby) stopped by on their way to Florida to stay with us for a couple nights.  We hadn't seen them in almost three years!  Lots had changed for all of us... The kids had all grown so much and they hadn't even met Harper.  It was fun and chaotic having such a full house.  SO good seeing the kids (their only cousins) become instant friends and spend some time catching up with everyone. We even got a little adult time out to dinner and drinks (thanks to Wanda for babysitting)!  Plus, it was the first time Grandma Wanda has ever had all four of her grandkids together at the same time.

We also got to celebrate Uncle Chris' 40th birthday!

 Good ol' fashion game night!

 Breakfast with Grandma!

 ALL of the Grand-babies together at last!

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