Tuesday, October 29, 2013

4 generations!

That's right FOUR generations together for the weekend!  Great Grandma ('GG', my grandma) and Aunt Kaps (my mom's sister) came all the way from Missouri to visit us!  They stayed three nights and spent the whole weekend with all of us.  It had been months since we had seen either of them (though I talk to Grandma about every other day on the phone), it was great to see them, hug them and stay up late chatting with them in person.  I know the kids loooooved having them here too.  What a very special and very memorable trip for all of us!!

GG and E doing a sticker puzzle together!

At the pumpkin patch:  A huge bin full of feed corn.  What else could kids ask for?

4 generations of pumpkin pickers :)

Bedtime stories...

Selfie of me and GG :)

Kaps, GG and I!

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