Sunday, February 17, 2013

20 Months!

Little H is 20 months now.  What a sweet little thing she is.  I love this little girl so much.  I know she's growing up so fast and I really want to cherish and remember all the little details of her 'babyhood'.  Seems like I don't remember her as an infant.  I'm lucky if I remember where I left my car keys.  The weeks seem to fly by and with each one, my baby is growing up.  I LOVE:  her blonde curls; her beautiful blue eyes; the sweet little gap between her front teeth; her mischievous smile; how she watches her brother's every move; how hard she tries to communicate; the way she says "yeah" when she really wants something; the way she plops down on her beanbag to watch TV; how she sucks on her two middle fingers while simultaneously sticking playing with her bellybutton; her wild bed head in the morning; her soft little giggle; how she hugs and kisses the dogs; her sweet eskimo kisses; her fearlessness and willingness to try anything and go down the slide all by her little self; her obsession with shoes, purses and mardi gras beads; I love how she brings a smile to strangers faces.  I could go on and on...I love this little girl.  She's truly amazing a such a light in our lives!

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