Friday, June 7, 2013

23 Months!

The next post I write about this sweet little girl will be her TWO year update!  Omg, where has time gone?  Where has my baby gone?  She matures and grows every single day.  I remember my mom telling me when E was born, to take as many pictures as I could because they will never be this little again, that they are growing every day...  So true and so sad.  BUT, that's why I have this look back and remember all the 'little things' :)  Speaking of little things, Miss Harper is quite a doll.  Her little blonde curls are so perfect, they even bounce when she walks.  She's been eating a lot better lately and appears to be putting on weight (but we don't see a doc until her two year check).  Her vocabulary is really exploding (if you can understand her).  I love it when Eli and Harper have conversations in the car.  It's like they speak the same language.  She babbles and Eli corrects her or explains things and they laugh together, it's really amusing.  Miss H is looooving to watch Dora.  She loves to sing and dance around the living room.  Her favorite activity, by far, is drawing.  Now that she's past the 'eating the crayons' phase, she's really enjoying coloring (and is quite good at it).  This little lady is a heart melter.  That little face, gap in her teeth, her curls, blue eyes, milky skin and that sweet, sweet little laugh just get ya!  The other day a woman actually asked to take a picture of her because she thought Harper was so cute!  She's my little sunshine!

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