Friday, June 7, 2013

Outgrowing DAIRY!

We've been so busy lately (I haven't posted anything in almost a month and a half!) and feel like there are so many important things I need to update.  This one, in particular, is definitely blog-worthy! E has officially OUTGROWN his dairy allergy!!!  After almost 4 years of avoiding anything with even a trace of dairy in it (which is almost all 'kid' foods - pizza, ice cream, mac n'cheese, cookies) E is now able to eat anything (well, we're still avoiding nuts of all kinds, but that I can handle).  Over the years, we just kept 'trying' dairy, just by giving him a bite or rubbing a little on his cheek and watching for hives.  Recently, Dr. M suggested we just give him some cheese and see how he, we did and he was fine (in fact, he loved it) so we moved on to ice cream and opened up a whole new world of food to our little guy!  He's loving cheese and says pizza is his new favorite food, along with ice cream gold fish crackers and butter :)  We have waited a long time for this day!  So exciting!


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