Thursday, October 17, 2013

H - Cardio & GI update:

Good news and bad news....
We'll start with the good (the order in which the appointments were on Friday, Aug. 9).  First we saw the pediatric cardiologist, who did an EKG and Echo.  The EKG was normal, as usual.  Dr. C said the Echo looked like there was some 'improvement' and that we don't have to come back to see him for another year (we had been going every 6 months).  When I asked about having the balloon procedure surgery done in the next year, he said we should hold off on it and see how she's doing at her next appointment.  Amazing news!  He did, however, push (once again) that we see a geneticist for testing.  Next, we walked through Children's to the GI doctor appointment.  These always take foooorever! Sitting in a waiting room, sitting in the exam room, all for the doc to look at her height and weight.  Unfortunately, this time Dr. N said she had dropped from the 10% in weight to the 3% and that her height had begun to plateau.  Sooo, she suggested we try an appetite stimulant (an antihistamine that increases appetite, a side-effect) to get her to take in more calories, which should lead to weight gain. We'll see.  Fingers crossed.  This little lady sure is stressing her mama out!  I just want her to be happy AND healthy....

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